Michael Rayburn:
Lead Vocals/


Logan Maggio:
Lead Guitarist/
Back-up Vocals

Jude Housewright:

Back-up Vocals

BURNHOUSE is a three piece Alternative, Funk-Rock band. With the release of their newest album entitled "the Fugitive" BURNHOUSE is looking to take the next step in expanding their career. The album gives listeners a taste of the energetic, soulful, "get up and move" style the band has to offer. :reading the charge are the founding members; Michael Rayburn(lead vocals/bassist) and jude Housewright(drums/backing vocals). These two supply the rhythm that drives the band in its funk-rock direction. Finishing out the lineup is Logan Maggio(lead guitarist/backing vocals), Logan is a dynamic guitar machine that adds great feel and power to the bands music. With outstanding vocals, moving lyrics, tight rocking rhythm, and top notch guitar playing, this band is sure to break the mold as their careers progress.